【1st round】




This is the international go tournament, World Go Championship 2019, will be held in which the world class top 8 go players representing each country of Japan, China and Korea will compete each other in March 2019.
This year, the international preliminary rounds was also taken place in January 2019.

Competition Name
World Go Championship 2019
The Nihon Ki-in
Special Sponsors
Hankyu CorporationSumitomo Mitsui Card Co., Ltd.NTT DOCOMO, Inc.IGO&SHOGI CHANNEL INC.
Japan Pair Go AssociationTHIRDWAVE Corporation22nd Century Laboratory, Inc.
Special Cooperation
Nikkei Inc.
Japan AirlinesHankyu Hanshin Hotels Co., Ltd.
18-20 March, 2019
Nihon Ki-in headquarters (location: 7-2 Gobancho Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo)
from 18:00h, 17 March 2019 (*the drawing will be also held)
Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo (the press interview will be taken place at the hotel)
Exhibition Pair Go Match
A.I. Go and Woman players



Japanese Representative
Yuta Iyama 9p, Cho U 9p
Korean Representative
Park Jeong Hwan 9p, Shin Jinseo 9p
Chinese Representative
Ke Jei 9p
Jiang Weijie 9p (China), Liao Yuanhe (China)
Senior:Yoo Changhyuk 9p (Korea)

Competition Method

Single Knockout Tournament (*starting from the quarter-final stage)
The defending champion, Park Jeong Hwan 9p, two seeded players from Japan, one seeded player from China, one seeded player from Korea and three players (including one senior player) qualified from the international preliminary round will compete.
Time allowance: 3 hours
A countdown (*60 seconds byo-yomi) will start from when the remaining time becomes 5 minutes.
The game will begin at 10:30 a.m. (Japan time) *No break time till the end of the game.
Even game with black giving 6.5 points komi with Japanese rules

Preliminary Rounds

Japanese Round (Dec. 2018): 32 players including 12 senior players get qualified to the international round.
International Round (Jan. 2019): the above 32 players, 20 players from China, 20 players from Korea and 4 players from Chinse Taipei compete and 3 players including one senior player as a senior seat get qualified to the main tournament of the Championship.
*Senior player: a player who is 40 years old or older (*as of 1st of January 2019)


Total amount: 31 million Japanese Yen
Champion: 20 million Japanese Yen
Runner-up: 5 million Japanese Yen
Semi-finalist: 2 million Japanese Yen
First Round Loser: 0.5 million Japanese Yen

Seeded Players

Defending Champion (2018): Park Jeong Hwan 9p (Korea)
Japan: Yuta Iyama 9p, Cho U 9p
Korea: Shin Jinseo 9p
China: Ke Jei 9p